me Introduce

I am passionate about data analytics and visualization. The aim is to continuously improve the wellbeing of the community around me by using web-based intelligence systems.

I enjoy building simple, minimalistic applications that hide all complexities from my users. I love Python, PHP and Javascript though I can wade in many other languages.

Collaborations and associations

5 Years Working Experience
+27 73 450 9600
+27 73 531 5892

service offers

My services below make me your one-stop shop for most of your digital strategy needs.

Web Development

Building web applications that are far in the future.

Favourite Tools: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Data Analytics

See your data from another angle.

Favourite Tools: Python, Jupyter Notebook, Splunk, Knime, Neo4j

Web design

Minimalism from out of space

Favourite Tools: Adobe CC Fam

Recent projects

Off-Campus Residence Accreditations

Developed an application that helps alleviate residence shortage issues on campus by providing showcasing off-campus accommodations that the university have accredited as safe.

Tools: Joomla/Seblod, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

WIFI Access Point Geolocations

Built an application that calculates the geolocation of Wi-Fi access point (AP) scan machines based on the scanned data. The application would use Google Maps Geolocation API to determine the location of where AP scans where performed.

Tools: GoogleMaps Geolocation API, Python, Dreamfactory

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Developed an application that harnessed twitter feeds of a particular individual and it would try to determine some aspects of the nature of the tweets

Tools: Twiiter API, Scala, Apache Spark